DIY Cute No-Sew Owl Pillow

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You will need...

White fabric

Patterned fabric

Black paint


Something circular



Glue gun


Pillow stuffing Sewing pin


1. Fold the fabric in half.

2. Make a owl stencil and trace it on to the fabric.

3. Take a pin and put it in the middle of the owl.

4. Cut out the owl.

5. Draw on the facial features. Use something circular to create the eyes for the perfect circle.

6. Paint the face features in.

7. Make another stencil for the wings.

8. Fold the fabric in half and draw the stencil on.

9. Cut the wings out.

10. Place the back of the owl on top of the front of the owl.

11. Start gluing the owl together in between the front and the back of the owl.

12. Turn the owl inside out.

13. Put pillow stuffing inside the pillow.

14. Glue the opening together.

15. Glue on the wings.

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    Izoa Artista

    3 years ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to sew it?!