DIY Cute Little Sheep ..




Introduction: DIY Cute Little Sheep ..

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hi everyone

i am goldenlibyan , i love crafting & decorating so much & i have so many ideas to share .. this is my little shaun the sheep :P and my first instructable .

its so easy and fun to make & it looks so cute . hope you all like it :)

to make this you only need :

-cotton balls .

-news papers .

-any kind of glue .

-tape , black & paper tape .

-black carton paper .

-scissors .

-wiggly eyes .

-and some straws

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Step 1: Start With the Body of the Sheep ..

start by making a small rounded shape with one newspaper and then add more papers to it until you get to your desired size then tape around it with the paper tape .. this will be the body of your sheep & you can make different sizes if you like .

Step 2: Legs ..

with your scissors or any sharp object make four holes in the body , then cut two straws in half and place them in the holes and glue them .

make sure they are not too long and let them to dry completely .

Step 3: Adding the Cotton <3

most exiting part for me :)

start applying glue to small areas and gluing your cotton balls one by one , until you cover it all , even under and between the legs .

Step 4: The Face ..

take your black carton paper and cut a square shape .

fold it in half and cut a semi heart shape , do the same thing again and cut a tear drop shape for sheep ears .

then glue the wiggly eyes & the ears in place & let them dry .

Step 5: Final Step ..

-Glue the face to a separate cotton ball , then glue it to the body .

-cut small pieces of the black tape and put it around each leg as sheep feet .

I have a video with no english ! but its pretty much self explanatory :) ...

i hope you all like it


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cute little sheep! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!