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Today I show you how to make your own Darts out of matches.

It's a pretty cool thing and it's easy to make. the dartboard I took a carton.

WATCH my YouTube tutorial here: DIY Darts ( made out of matches)

or follow the STEPs down below.

But please be careful. DO NOT hurt yourself or another person !!!

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Step 1: You Need

- needle and thread

- paper 5 x 5 cm

- 4 matches

- and scissors

Step 2: The Matches

Take the 4 matches and put them together, that it looks like a "thick one" 2x2 (as you can see at the photo)

Step 3: The Needle

Take the needle and place it centrally (from above) between the matches. Stick it to half into it, but do not hurt yourself !!! Needle is sharp !!!

Step 4: Fix the Needle

Now take the thread and wrap it around the matches in order to fix the needle. Wrap around about 15 - 20 times.

Stuck the end between the matches to fix it. Than cut it off.

Step 5: The Dart - Flights

Take the paper ( 5 x 5 cm ) and fold it as you can see at the photo. It's easy to do, but not easy to explain just by writing, sorry ;-)

Step 6: Place the Dart - Flight

Put the Dart flight between the end ( red one) of the that everytime one wing is between 2 matches.

Sorry, my for my BAD english :-)

Step 7: Ready to PLAY !!!

Build 3 pieces... to have more FUN :-D

Than take a carton or a piece of cardboard and draw a simple dartboard on it.


Have fun playing.

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11 Discussions


1 year ago

Cool. I will have to try this out soon. How long are the needles?


3 years ago

Now, if you twist the fins so they are wrapped around the 'dart', you can put them into a straw and have blow-darts. When we did this as kids, we used a single wooden kitchen match, cut a cross on one end, cut the match-head off, cut the head of a pin off, and inserted the pin into the match. Two small strips of paper in the cross for fins; hold the fins lightly and rotate the match so that the fins are flat against the match and insert into a straw. You can put an eye out - do not ever shoot this at a living thing.


3 years ago

Wow, great! I made it.

If you burn the matches (dangerous, I know), and then throw it, it would be pretty cool.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Great idea...I'll try it....NOW !! :-D

Mark 42

3 years ago

I could scale this up to make lawn darts / jarts.

1 reply