DIY Date Palm Tree



Introduction: DIY Date Palm Tree


Tree Stick, Glue gun,Colors,Artificial leave,Pot,Sand,White glue, Fenugreek Seeds,Cotton,Scissor.

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Step 1: Stem Making and Leave Cutting

  1. Take tree stick and mark spot on stick with the help of glue gun
  2. Take artificial leaf and draw small leaf on it
  3. Cut the leaf of palm shape
  4. Use glue gun to fix the wire in the center of the leaf.

Step 2: Coloring and Date Making

  1. Color the stem of the tree
  2. For making artificial dates use cotton
  3. Bind the cotton with thread
  4. Use glue on cotton and stick fenugreek seeds on it
  5. Artificial dates are ready

Step 3: Fix Leaves on Tree

  1. Use glue gun to fix the leaves
  2. Step by step fixed the leaves
  3. Now fix the artificial dates on tree

Step 4: Fix Tree in Pot

  1. Fix tree with glue on pot
  2. put sand in pot
  3. For beautiful look place a stone .

Step 5: Final Pics

  1. Few final pics
  2. Project is ready DIY date palm tree

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