DIY Deadpool Clock




About: My friend ThatGuy9080 introduced me to Instructables and now I'm hooked.

This is a 2-3 hour project for creative people that wanna accessorize their love for Deadpool.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

- You will need...
• 1 can of black spray paint
• 1 can of red spray paint
• A bit of white paint
• A clock shaped piece of wood
• Clock hands
• A motor to move the hands
• Clock numbers
• Painters tape

Step 2: Tape Up Your Wood V1

- Now you must put painter's tape around the edges and straight down the middle.

Step 3: Paint V1

- Now paint your wood black.

Step 4: Remove Tape V1

- Now remove your painter's tape.

Step 5: Tape It Up V2

- Now put painter's tape over the part you painted black.

Step 6: Paint V2

- Now paint the wood red.

Step 7: Remove Tape V2

- Now remove the tape that was previously added.

Step 8: Adding the Eyes

- Now cut out the eyes and tape then on the wood.

Step 9: Finish Up

- Finally add the motor and the clock hands by following the directions on the package. And there you have it... A working Deadpool clock.



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    1 year ago


    DiY World

    2 years ago

    i don't think i'm going to make this, but as a diehard marvel fan, i must say, this looks amazing. I admire your work.