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Introduction: DIY Death Star Candy Dispenser

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Today i'll show you how make your own death star candy dispenser for about $15! All of the materials can be gotten from local stores and the project can be done in a weekend!


Touch Candy Dispenser: $8 (i got mine from Target on sale, however if you cant find it there it s on amazon here:

Grey and silver paints: $8

Plastic Christmas Ornament: $1

Rubber Bands and tape: Free

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Step 1: Mask and Cut Hole

I use a metal cap i has laying around to mask a circle on the dispenser. This will be the dish for the death star. After masking go ahead cut it out with a dremel

Next Get the Plastic Ornament and hot glue it in from the inside. This will allow you to achieve a smoother finish on the outside. After the hot glue dries, cut off the rest of the ornament. Then, sand the edges flat. If you have any primer be sure to use it on the edges, this will help you achieve a better final finish on the death star.

Step 2: Mask and Paint

Start off by applying a light coat of light grey paint. This will act as the base coat. After allowing to dry Mask off the dish. Then mask of the design using a combination of rubber band and masking tape. I found it easier to use the rubber bands than to trim out custom thin tape.

Step 3: Thats It!

If you have access to pinstripe tape I HIGHLY recommend using it rather than painters tape and rubber bands. Pinstripers tape will allow you to achieve consistent and intricate design.

And thats it! If you have any advice or criticism please feel free to post it in the comments below! Also be sure to subscribe to my channel were I post new videos every week!

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    This is just perfect. I shed a tear when I saw it. What more would you want from life - candy and a death star :D