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Introduction: DIY Decor Shelf

For this project I will be making a Home Decor shelf.

Step 1: Materials

A 2 by 4 piece of wood will work or even a 1 by 4.

Then all you need to do is find a piece of tree branch.

I sprayed it down the night before with insect killer. However I got to some pointers from my friends at YouTube to put it the oven for about 15 minutes this should kill any insect.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

I made my cut on the miter saw this was faster for me.

2 cut were made at 20 inches

1 cut was made at 16 inches

Then I clamp them together and took measurements. I used an addition clamp to for the opposite end. I needed to make sure the spacing was consistent all the way through.

I then place the tree branch near the gap and then scored it with the saw blade. I took a Reciprocating Saw to cut the branch. The cut I made was 1/8 '' longer than it should have been. This way I have room to sand it down.

Step 3: Coating the Branch

Cut the twigs down to desired size.

Then sand it down to remove the rough texture and any dirt.

Mount the branch to a piece of wood this way it could stay up right.

Next I sealed it with a clear coat Minwax Urethane .

Step 4: Prepping and Joining

Now sand down the wood using 120 grit sand paper and then use 220 grit to complete.

I used a biscuit joiner to join the lumbers. Glue it and then clamp it. If you don't have a joiner you can use a nail gut, dowels, or even screw.

If you use screw just fill in the screw head before painting or staining.

Step 5: Painting and Finishing It Up

I used a white gloss multi purpose spray paint from Rust-Oleum

I applied 3 light coats.

Once everything it dried insert the branch in the open end.

I used a nail gun to secure the branch in place. You can also use screw here. Either way you will have to retouch this area. If you don't mind you can always assemble everything prior to painting and tape off the branch.

Last but not least attach saw tooth picture hangers. Install a few screws and hang.

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    I'm just seeing this one. Great and amazing job.

    NOOOOOOOOO! You put a link to Facebook instead of Twitter again! ;)

    When I made a mallet from a tree branch, I put it in the sun for a few days. I didn't see any insects, so I'm pretty sure it worked...

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    Grrr I did it again smh... Not sure how that keep happening. Nice

    I'm usually disparaging about contemporary shelving, I think it's pretentious. But the use of the stick completely transforms my idea of it. I really like this, thank you for sharing it!

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