DIY Decorated Cork Boards and Push Pins

Introduction: DIY Decorated Cork Boards and Push Pins

I made these corkboards to hang things at my work office. I needed the functional space but also wanted a little bit of color and decoration in my boring old office. I also made some cute little button thumb tacks/push pins to add a little something extra.

Step 1: What You Need:

-Cork tiles (I purchased these at Walmart, a set of 4 boards cost less than $10

-Fabric ( I used excess fabric I had lying around from previous projects, but you can purchase your choice of style at any hobby or general store)

-Spray adhesive

-Hot Glue Gun

-Twine for decoration (optional)


-Push pins


Step 2: Prepping Your Fabric and Gluing It On

I chose not to iron my fabric because I liked the wrinkled look. if you choose to iron your fabric to make it appear taut, do it before you attach it to cork!

I laid out the fabric and cut so that there was adequate fabric on each side to cover the sides. the back isn't particularly important, as it will be against the wall.

I used the spray adhesive to coat 1 side of the cork tile, then placed in gently on the flat fabric. press it down to ensure it sticks. I folded the extra edges around the back and used spray adhesive again. once the cork was all wrapped up, I used hot glue to stick the outer edges of the fabric.

Step 3: Decorate the Tiles

I chose to outline my tiles with twine to give it more character. I started in one corner and hot glued the twine all the way around, bit by bit.

I added a little change to each board to make the unique. the first blue tile got 1 layer of twine and a bow on the side. the white tile got 2 layers of twine and a big bow on top. the purple tile got 1 layer of twine tied in knots in random spots around the sides with a side bow. the 2nd blue tile got 1 layer of twine with loop-dee-loops on each corner.

feel free to let your imagination run with this step :)

Step 4: Push Pins!

I used standard flat thumb tacks to make my push pins. I just dolloped a bit of hot glue on the tack head then stuck it upside down on the button.

there were some buttons with a plastic piece protruding from the back, I simply chopped the plastic off with a pair of scissors (it took quite easily) then placed a larger globule of hot glue on the button back, covering the plastic piece that is not broken, and place the pin on top.

Step 5: Let Them Dry and Hang Them Up


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