DIY Decorative Faux Drawers

Introduction: DIY Decorative Faux Drawers

About: My name is Tandy - I am a wife and mother of 3. I love constantly learning and trying out new things. My favorite thing to do is take something old and remake into a beautiful new piece.

Create your own faux dresser drawers easily with commonly found products. I use mine as decor as well as storage for various items. I also used one in place of a gift bag. I put the present wrapped in tissue paper and put it in the box. Then gave the entire present and box as a gift.

Step 1: Choose and Cut Your Wood

Decide on type of wood (I had particle board lying around and chose that) - 1/2 inch thick. Cut 4 pieces for the front, back and sides and also a bottom piece. I made mine 12x12, but you could make it in any dimension that works for you.

Step 2:

Make sure your pieces fit together correctly. On your cuts, the front and back piece will be slightly longer than the sides, which fit inside the two larger. My front and back pieces measured 12x4 inches and the sides measured 11 1/4 x 4 inches

Step 3:

Paint your base coat color. I just used spray paint

Step 4:

Before assembling, Modge Podge your draw liner to all four pieces. I just used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.

Step 5: Build Your Box

Add a bead of wood glue to the edges before attaching.

I have a nail gun and simply put three nails into each side attaching all sides to each other and the bottom. If you do not have a nail gun, you could simply use small nails and a hammer.

Step 6: Fill Your Nail Holes

Fill all your nail holes and joints if you like. I filled mine because I like a seamless look. Allow filler to dry then sand smooth.

Step 7: Paint Your Second Coat and Decorate

Paint your second coat. I used homemade chalk paint because I like the smooth, matte look. I also made a faux wood decal using plaster. Once the paint was dry, I sanded again to distress then added a knob from Hobby Lobby. Don't forget to spray with a polycrylic or clear acrylic spray paint to protect from dirt and moisture. Remember, if you do spray, it will make your piece slightly darker so plan your paint accordingly.

Step 8: Finished Products

You can design these to your decor and style. If you are interested how I made the wood decal or decorated the other drawers you can visit my blog listed. Total time to make these is about 3 hours and most of that is in dry time.


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    4 years ago

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!


    5 years ago

    ??? this thank u for sharing


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great way to use up some scrap wood! Excellent instructions too--plenty of detail and very easy to follow.

    Welcome to instructables! I hope you share many more great projects with us! :)