DIY Decorative Framed Chalkboard

Introduction: DIY Decorative Framed Chalkboard

About: I'm Darin and I am a DIY guy because I looked at something that needed to be done and said, "I can make that." Not always perfect, but I learn each time and get better.

I was tasked with creating the centerpieces for three different tables in our home for Easter. I decided to do Spring looking decor with framed chalkboards. I looked at the chalkboards in the store and they were expensive-ish. I decided I could make them cheaper... and I did. Total it cost about $10 each.

Here's what I did.


I went to Hobby Lobby and bought an 8"x10" frame (50% off that day). I took the glass out and my initial plan was to use the backing in the frame as the chalkboard, but it had little rivets in it where the stand was attached. So I decided to use 1/4" MDF (or hardboard) and make my own board.


I used the paper insert from the frame to lay on the MDF and I marked the corners so I knew what size to cut. I used the radial arm saw to cut it to size. You could easily use a jigsaw or circular saw or whatever saw you have available to cut it to size.

Step 3: DOES IT FIT?

I tried it in the frame after cutting it just to make sure it fit just right.

Step 4:

I used chalkboard spray paint and put three good, even coats on the MDF. It goes matte as it dries. As soon as it looked like a matte finish, I would add another coat until I had three good coats.

Look at the fabulous paint station... a chunk of drywall laid over the trash can.


The MDF was a tiny bit too thick to use the back with the little clasps on the frame. So I ended up using some hot glue to hold the front and back in place. But once it is together, you are ready to come up with fun, festive, and/or clever stuff to put on the board.

Step 6: DONE

After Easter this one went on the kitchen counter in a corner and messages get changed on it all the time. I sometimes tell my wife that I love her on it or if company is coming for some birthday or other event it will say something to support whatever is happening. It's kind of fun.

It is a very simple project that anyone could do and it has the payoff of looking nice and being fun.

Thanks for checking it out.

Watch the video to see my build of this.

Step 7: VIDEO

You can watch me build this in the video

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