DIY Deep of Field Adapter (DOF)



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A few years ago, my daughter and I had to make a movie for a contest.

I tried to get a cinematic effect, but on a normal video-camera the picture is alway sharp and in focus. I can not bring the background out of focus.

Modern DSLR's with video functions can do this. So I searched the internet for a solution, and found the DOF adapter.

So I start building one.Over a 35mm lens the scene is projected on the focusing screen. To make the picture look more dynamic, the motor is vibrating and the focusing screen will vibrate too.

The Picture will be upside down, but in post production you can change this.

By the way, we did not win the contest, but the whole work for this movie was fun for my daughter and me.

To see the movie on the big screen was honor enough for us

Link to the videoresult

Step 1: What I Needed

I bought a cheep macro tube for Pentax and a cheap pentax 35mm objective for an analog photo camera +- 20$

a used Nikon focusing screen "Type D". 10$

a junction box painted black

a pancake motor from an old pager

a potentiometer, a battery holder for AAA batteries and a switch

Step 2: The Build

Over the four threaded rods I can set the distance between the Ground Glass and the optics.

And the pancake motor for vibrating. I a small box I build the control circuit for the motor. over the potentiometer you can set the speed of the motor.

With aluminum tubes of 12mm and +- 50cm length and the use of tube clamps on a PVC board, I build a support for the camera and the dof adapter.



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