DIY Deflector




why do you need to buy some deflectors that cost more than $20 when you can make it your self for less than $1?

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You need: tape,scissor,paper and that vent thingy (see pic)

Step 2: Cuting

cut your piece of paper to the same size as the vent thingy

Step 3: More Cuting

cut the tape to the length of the long side of the vent

Step 4: Taping

tape the paper on the vent thingy the logical way (the whole paper every part of the vent thingy) and tape it so the tape is touch on the paper,the topside and the underside of the vent. if you tape all the sides, it will be closed

Step 5: The Finshed Product

put it where your vent is



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Is there something missing that keeps the paper from flying straight up? If you have any air velocity at all, the paper will do nothing. And also it seems obvious but this only works on vents mounted in the floor. I lived in Ohio for 18 months but before that (and since) I had never seen a floor mounted vent. I would not be able to relate to this at all had I never seen it. And for those of you reading who have never seen a floor mounted vent, you can buy a clear plastic deflector that mounts to the vent with magnets. The deflector is curved and re-aims warm air across the floor instead of letting it blow straight up in the air.

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I used an old cookie sheet on my room's one and only vent. I bent three of the sides down and left one open which faces into the room. Then I was able to use the area over the vent to store my sub woofer (my main speaker for my room). My Mem and Pep have a set of those plastic deflectors, but my room's way too small to lose space by using them too.

    1 reply

    Almost forgot, my first deflector I made (before my cookie sheet) was out of a 2 liter soda bottle. Cut the bottle in half lengthwise and place a piece of tape over the opening which used to hold the cap. Then cut a slot on the side you want to face towards the room. Place over the vent (you'll need some weight to hold it down. I used tape. Or you could glue some magnets to the inside bottom).

    It changes where the air from an A/C vent goes to....he should make it clear what the ible is for in the intro, though. I wasn't sure either, until the last step.