DIY Desk Organizer

Introduction: DIY Desk Organizer

Do you have a messy desk? Does it need some cleaning up? We have the Desk Organizer for your home desk, school desk, or work desk that will change your life. The materials are listed below to get you started:

2 PVC Pipe -  6” long ,with a 3” Diameter, ¼” thick
8 Cardboard 6”X3” (walls of box))
1 Cardboard 5.75”X6” (Bottom Shelf)
1 Cardboard 3” X 6” (Top shelf)
4 Cardboard - 11.5”X9” (for paper)
2 Cardboard- 1”X11.5” (for paper)
2 Cardboard- 4”X12” (for the base)
Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Chalk Board Paint
Paint Brush
PVC Pipe Cutter
Exacto Knife
Spool 1” X 1”
3D Printer- to make the rough edge to cut the tape (you can also take one from an actual tape dispenser.) 1” Tape cutter.

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Step 1: PVC Time

Using a sharpie and a ruler, make a mark that is 6 inches down from the top of the PVC pipe. Using the sharpie make a line going around the PVC pipe, this will make it easier to cut. Do the same thing from your previous mark and go down another 6 inches, and make another mark and line. 

In the picture, the black lines are where you need to cut. 

Step 2: Cut the PVC

Cut the PVC pipe according to the line using a PVC Pipe Cutter. (Go to your local hardware store to pick it up). These pieces won't be used until later on in the instructable, so you can put them to the side. 

Step 3: Prep

Take the eight bases of cardboard, which are all 3”X6”. If you have not cut out the cardboard pieces, do so now. 

 Heat up your hot glue gun. Make sure the hot glue gun is in a safe location, as it does heat up rather quickly. 

Step 4: Cardboard on Cardboard on Cardboard

Using a hot glue gun, glue two pieces of the cardboard together. This will create a thicker base. Make sure they are flush!

Repeat this step four more times until all 8 pieces of cardboard have been glued with another piece. In total you will have four pieces of cardboard. 

Step 5: Build a Wall

Taking two of the “walls” (3”X6”), make an L shape, connecting both 3” sides to each other. Make sure to glue the inside crease, as well as the outside, making sure the pieces are sturdy.

Repeat previous step with the other two pieces of cardboard.

Step 6:

Then glue the two “L” shapes together so they make a box. Refer to the pictures for help. 

Step 7: Prep for Paper Slot

Now cut four 11.5”X9” pieces of cardboard.

Take two out of the four pieces of cardboard and glue them together. Do the same thing you did with the walls, except use more glue.

Repeat this stepwith the other two pieces of cardboard!

Step 8: Almost Done!

Now take the 1”X11.5” piece of cardboard and attach it on the edge of the 9”X11.5”  piece of cardboard.

 Now repeat with the other 1”X11.5” piece of cardboard with the other 9”X11.5” piece of cardboard.

Attach both pieces of cardboard "L" together. This should create the paper slot. Look at the pictures for guidance!

Step 9: Base Base Base!

Take the two pieces of 4”X12” pieces of cardboard and glue them together. This will create the base of the desk organizer.

Step 10: Paper to the Base

Now take the base and measure 1.25” going towards to middle. Make a mark with a pencil.

 Take the paper slot, and place it in the middle of the two marks you previously made on the base.

 Glue the paper slot to the base. Using the hot glue gun glide the tip across the paper slot’s base. Do this to the front and back. It should now be sturdy enough to stand without being held.

Step 11: Box to the Slot

Now glue the box to the base. The box should have one “wall” on the base, and the edges flush on the paper slot. It will be easier to glue the base first, and then attach the base to the wall.

Glue the edges now to make sure it is sturdy, and the box won’t fall off.

Step 12: Shelf #1

Now take the 5.75”X6” (Bottom Shelf), and place it in the box so the top is 3” from the base. It is easier to glue if you lay the desk organizer flat. Glue the top of the shelf first (3”), and then glue the bottom where it lands on the base. Make sure the shelf is going down towards the right. The base of the triangle should be about 5.5”. Look at the picture if you are confused. 

Step 13: Shelf #2

Now take the top shelf, 3”X6” and make it have a positive slope (going up towards the right side of the top of the box). The length from the top of the base towards the starting point of the top shelf is 3”. The starting point is the point at which both shelves almost meet. Look at the picture if you are confused.

Step 14: Spooling Around

Take the spool from your materials list, and place it underneath the bottom shelf. The spool should be 1” in from the left edge of the box. Place the tape over the spool. 

Step 15: Clean Up!

Start cleaning your box of unnecessary dried hot glue. By taking the exacto knife, or scissors, cut the glue strings off.

Step 16: Rough Edge

Take the rough edge that you 3D printed, and place it starting at the bottom of the box with shelves, and going up 1”.

Step 17: Paint!

Using the chalk paint, paint the whole entire desk organizer! This can be messy, so make sure to wear dirty clothes!

Step 18: Attach the PVC

Take the two PVC pipes you previously cut, and attach them to both sides of the desk organizer. Look at the picture for guidelines!

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