DIY Desk Organizer Made From Waste Cardboard




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This desktop organizer is made out of waste cardboard. The video provides full instructions on how to make it. You may download the cut-out templates from either the video description in youtube, or the following URLs.

Template 1: (5 copies)

Template 2: (8 copies)

Template 3: (2 copies)

Template 4: (1 copy)

The organizer is measured 24.6 cm long, 17 cm wide and about 6.5 cm tall.

All you need for this DIY craft project is

1) Waste cardboard big enough for cutting out 16 pieces from templates,

2) Craft knife,

3) Double-sided tape,

4) Craft glue (plenty of it),

5) Ruler,

6) Templates.

Happy Crafting!



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