DIY Desk Built With Palette




You have always wanted a urban atmosphere on your apartment/room... palette are what you a looking for! The glass and the row wood will perfectly match. Working with palette, you might want to visit: AND

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Step 1: Buy/find Material

You will need: 1x palette (I bought my palettes at a local reseller) 4x pedestale (I bought them at Ikea Don't forget that the palette will already be ~15cm. 1x big glass 2x small glass for the plateau

Step 2: Fix the Pedestale

I used screw to fix the four pedestales to the palette. I has to be well fixed to be stable.

Step 3: Place the Glass

Place the glass on top of the desk and the two small glasses under the desk and you will have your DIY Palette desk finished. I didn't fixed them but only place them (and never had problems with it)

Step 4: For More DIY Palette Furniture


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    3 years ago

    Great idea!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    How did you keep the desk from shifting/wobbling? Without support between each table leg wouldn't that happen or did you not find it to be a problem?