DIY Digital Mic Flag

Introduction: DIY Digital Mic Flag

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Most of the time to get great audio at event you need to use a hand mic to get cleaner audio by putting the mic closer to the subject but just a mic is quite boring. But following the new trend there are digital flags, which are more interesting than just a logo on the side of a mic. So I made a simple one using few simple things I already had around.

But the animation on the phone is made with after effects known as a logo reveal, ident or indent. However you could also show just a video of just a static image too. But to keep it looping around you need to use the MX Player app which has a loop function to keep the video looping around. So for around 7 bucks you can build the holder and the rest is pretty much your own creativity and could either use your own mobile or get an affordable MP4 player instead. - See more at:



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