DIY Digital RPM Tachometer | RPM Counter With Arduino




Introduction: DIY Digital RPM Tachometer | RPM Counter With Arduino

Hi Folks, I am writing this article to share my latest project DIY RPM Tachometer or you can say RPM counter. While creating a project many times we need to check motor speed and we need RPM Tachometer which can count Round Per Minutes of the motor. RPM tachometer easily available in the market or you can buy it online. It is very cheap, may be starting from $10 only, I will also share some links where you can buy RPM Tachometer online. But if you don’t want to buy it then make it yourself by using my video. It will help you to make RPM Counter at home.

I built it by using Arduino, OLE Display, Optical sensor, Breadboard and some jumper wires. If you want to make RPM Tachometer yourself too then watch the attached video or visit the project page.

Project page: DIY RPM Tachometer

RPM Tachometer under $10


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    1 year ago

    Where have the project files gone? Got the parts and now the info is missing?

    This looks like such a fun project to do.. But it's disappointing to go to the youtube video and then follow the link to the actual project webpage to find out that the code is missing the #include libraries. Maybe someday I'll get around to figuring out the needed libraries. But other than that it's a good looking project sir