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A disc wheel gives you about 1minute advantage over the bike course of an Olympic triathlon (40km). However, these wheels are very expensive. So I decided to cover the back wheel of my Felt bike with this homemade Depron + self adhesive vinyl film disc. You need for this instructable

  • a 1250/800/3mm sheet of Depron; you can use other foams too, but in my opinion Depron offers the best strength to weight ratio.
  • self adhesive vinyl film
  • thin cable ties
  • scissors, screw driver and a knife

Step 1: Cut the Foam Disc

  1. Cut a disc out of the foam. The disc should be slightly larger than the bike's rim.Remember that you will need to cut a second disc out of the foam sheet.
  2. Cut a hole in the middle of the foam disc.
  3. Cut a straight line to the edge of the foam disc.
  4. Pre-mount the disc on wheel.
  5. Overlap the foam and mark the overlapping part.
  6. Cut the overlapping part.

Step 2: Add Adhesive Vinyl Film

  1. Pre-cut the self adhesive vinyl film. It should be slightly large than the disc foam.
  2. Put the foam disc on the vinyl film. Apply the vinyl film by removing the paper release liner step by step.
  3. Put the overhanging vinyl film over the edge of the foam disc and stick it to the back.
  4. There might be air bubbles. Carefully cut them with a sharp knife to remove the air.

Step 3: Mount the Disc Cover on the Wheel

  1. Put the cover on the wheel.
  2. You will need to attach the cover with thin cable ties. Use a screwdriver to make holes in the cover. For each cable tie you will need 2 holes.
  3. Put the cable tie through the first hole, then behind a spoke and finally through the second hole. I used 6 cable ties per disc.
  4. Cut the overhanging part of the cable tie.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1 to 3 for the Second Disc

Repeat the steps for the second wheel cover. As this is the side with the sprocket, you will need a larger whole in the middle of the foam disc.

Step 5: Finished!

Now you are ready to go faster! If you like it, feel free to vote for this instructable in the adhesive contest.


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    11 Discussions


    11 months ago on Step 5

    I have been trying to make these out of cardboard. I bike with my dog and she runs next to the front wheel, I am always concerned about her getting her feet or snout burned by the bike spokes. Couldn't find one in the instructable site. So happy to find someone has made one out of materials made to last. Thank you and I voted!

    2 replies
    Yard Sale Daledoberdeb7

    Reply 6 months ago

    Try campaign signs for the material, to make polo discs. They are heavy but durable and padding. It protects from mallets and balls in polo games.


    Very nice! I used to have manufactured disc covers from a pricey catalog. I loved them. They centered on the hub and the rim, with foam pads for the rim, and Chicago screws to clamp the halves. The valve hole was covered with electrical tape bc of frequent use. They were noticeably heavy and caught side winds, but let me speed 5-10mph over my usual pace. I retired them bc of dogs attacking the bike.


    11 months ago

    But what does it actually do? Make it more airodinamic?

    4 replies

    Reply 11 months ago

    Hi, correct. A covered wheel improves airflow around the rear end of the bike and reduces drag.


    Reply 11 months ago

    Why not do the front wheel too? Is there a reason why you only did the back wheel?


    Reply 11 months ago

    The front wheel of a bike is used for steering. It is too dangerous to cover it when riding outside. A wind gust could cause an accident.


    11 months ago

    Aren't these for indoor tracks?
    It seems like they would be a liability in any kind of cross wind.

    That aside, pretty cool project to get this wheel type for exponentially cheaper than commercial ones!


    11 months ago

    YES!!! Finally an instructable om this!

    100% voted!