DIY Drawing Robot




Hi there,

Today, i will instruct you to make a very easy drawing robot. I could be a fantastic robot for children.

You can also watch tutorial video here

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Now let's get started.

1 x coca can

1 x battery

4 X color markers

1 x motor


Glue gun

Drawing robot

Step 1: Stick Color Markers

Use hot glue to stick 4 markers to the coca can. You should choose 4 markers with different colors.

Drawing robot

Step 2: Finish Your Robot

Stick screw to motor head. It will help vibrate your robot and make it move. After finish this step, your robot is ready to draw.
Thank you for reading my instruction. Enjoy and have fun!

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1 year ago

what kind of motor is it? online there are three kinds, 6v, 12v, and 24v.

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