DIY Dreamcatchers




Introduction: DIY Dreamcatchers

This is a dream catcher I made that was just a fun and creative project you might have a good time trying out. This is ocean themed and was a very cool to make. It's about 24 inches high which is pretty big, I would suggest you make a smaller one to start out with and work your way up.

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Step 1: Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme

For the first step of making this type of dream catcher you're going to need to come up with a color scheme, for example, this dream catcher is ocean themed. You can choose as many colors as you'd like. For this I got three different colors of b;use for ocean effect, fluffy white to represent waves crashing and light but saddle yellow for contrast and beach vibes. Then you'll need to make a list of materials and go to a craft store near you and buy them.

Suggested Item List:

At least 3 colors, one for the ring, one for the hoop and use all three for the bottom of the dream catcher.

A metal ring or something circular for outer ring to make the dream catcher in.

Feathers or any other decorative things for the dream catcher.

Step 2: Step 2: Wrapping the Ring

After you've bought all your supplies, get the yarn you would like to use as the outer ring color and start wrapping make sure it's tight and won't get undone.

Step 3: Step 3:

Once your done wrapping the ring choose your color for the inside.

Step 4: Step 4/5/6: Making the Inside

Start by tying a small knot at the top of your dream catcher. Then working clockwise stretch the string to the desired distance you want between all the loops. Continue making evenly spaced hoops and then when you get back to the top leave about half of what your loops are spaced apart by. Then connect it inside the next loop and continue this process till there is no more open space in the ring.

Step 5: Step 7

Now that you are done with the inside of the dream catcher you can decide a patern in which you'd like to attach the string to the bottom. Add anything you'd like to this part like I added the starfish because of the ocean theme and fluffy white string around the edges around the yellow to give the illusion of waves crashing on the beach.

Step 6: Step 8/9: Cutting the String

Now cut the string you'd like for the bottom of your dream catcher and collect any of the extra materials as well like for this dream catcher starfish, shells, white feathers, etc. You can say whatever pattern you want, but I choose to start with the yellow then do a white on both sides and then light blue, then next darkest blue color than most colored blue of the three and then I put white and continued out with this pattern.

Step 7: Step 10: Add Extra Detail

For this step you're going to want to trim any extra string you don't want or any uneven parts you don't need then add the feathers and extra decorations.

Step 8: Step 11: Finish

Now you're done so make a place on the top to hang it and put it up somewhere or give it to someone as a nice present.

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