DIY Dress Pants Into Trench Coat




Intro: DIY Dress Pants Into Trench Coat

I'm always looking for old clothes that my parents don't wear so I can revamp them into something for my wardrobe. Never thought I'd find something in my dads side! I found these old olive khaki dress pants he never wears anymore and I just loved the color of them. They reminded me of this one trench coat I saw at the mall but never bought it. What did I do? I upcycled them into a trench coat!

The trench coat has been such a big fashion trend lately and I haven't found the perfect one for an affordable price... so why not just make them myself?! You can too! (If you don't live with your parents anymore just go thrifting for some dress pants!)

Watch my youtube video on how I transformed these dress pants into a fashionable Trench Coat <3



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    2 years ago

    I'm amazed that you can see another item in another. I'm envious! Welcome to the Community & look forward to seeing more of your creations!


    Wow. Thanks a pretty amazing transformation. You have some impressive skills.