DIY Drumming Headphones



This well show you how I made my own drumming headphones


Step 1: Things You Need

1. 1 pair of sound proof ear muffs. Got mine from here.

2. 1 pair of old headphones. I would recommend the flat speaker kind because they rest in the foam abit easier and wont move around.

3. Soldering iron/ solder

4. Drill and a drill bit big enough to drill a hole for the speaker wire to fit through the ear muff.

Step 2: Disassemble and Solder


1. Take your headphones apart leaving only the speakers and wire. Picture 1

2. Next unsolder the two wires connected to the speakers. Picture 2

3. Now move on to the ear muffs remove the foam that comes inside the ear muffs and drill a hole big enough for the speaker wire. Picture 3

Side note I added extra foam to increase the sound proofing.

4. Run the speaker wire through the hole you just drilled and now resolder the wires to the speakers. Picture 2 but in reverse.

5. Place the resoldered speakers in the ear muff cases and you should get picture 5.

6. Replace the foam you removed in step 3 and cover up the speaker. Pictures 6 and 7

7. Test and enjoy your simple yet useful DIY Drumming Headphones. Picture 8



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