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I recently came across a 'Make your own art journal banner' on pinterest and I really liked the idea of a banner. I have also been learning to make watercolor backgrounds so, I wanted to put the two together and make something else...A dry erase board!

People generally make dry erase boards with glass and frames. I decided to do it a little differently and therefore decided to use sandwich bag instead of the glass and make my own banner frame out of cardboard.

I used,
- Cardboard - 2 Pieces - 24 x 13.8 cm
- A transparent sandwich bag
- Few sheets of plain white paper
- Watercolor
- Stapler
- Glue
- A metal chain

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Step 1: Watercolor Background

On a plain white paper I painted a water color background of my choice. You can see how to paint it here.

Step 2: Prep

- Cut open the sandwich bag and cut a 24 x 13.8 cm rectangular section from it.
- After the paint had dried, I cut the painted background also to the 24 x 13.8 cm rectangle.

Step 3: Outline and Frame

- I cut out one of the cardboard into the desired shape for the banner and also hollowed it out to form the frame.

Step 4: Outline

- Then, I stacked the cardboard, background and the sandwich bag in the order shown in the picture.
- I cut the sandwich paper, the background and the other cardboard piece also to the same outline shape as the frame.
- After all the  pieces have been cut and aligned, I stapled them together.

Step 5:

- I covered the front of the frame with white paper and punched two holes on the top of the chain. 
Fixed the chain in place and....DONE! 

Do leave your comments, questions or suggestions! :)

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5 years ago

that's a cool idea, but I just recently picked up whiteboard paint. let's me make a wall my board xD

1 reply

5 years ago on Introduction

Very nice. I especially like how you gave it a custom watercolor background. It's the artistic touches that seperate us from the savages...

However, my kid and his cousin would break that in 5 minutes. That is why I painted a blackboard onto a CONCRETE wall.

1 reply

2 years ago

You could staple first, then cut all the pieces at the same time.


4 years ago

I did something like this accept I used a picture frame

1 reply

4 years ago

I don't have many frames so this is PERFECT for me. I love sandwich bags.

1 reply