DIY Dual Boot Drive

Introduction: DIY Dual Boot Drive

How to create a "Dual Boot Drive", i need to switch power to 3 Drives, 2 are used by MacOSX on my hackintosh and the third drive is for a Windows 7 version on same PC

Things needed:

1x OLD or Broken 3.5" PATA Hard Drive

1x Divider from PATA to 2xSATA (Power Cable)

1x Spare SATA connector

Shrinking tubing

Voltmeter or Multimeter

PC power supply or working PC

Some lenght of 1,5 or 1 squere millimiter wire

Soldering Iron


Heatgun or lighter

Gluegun & glue sticks

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Step 1: Prepare Old HDD

Take an old 3.5" HDD and remove all screws and take off the top cover,remember hidden screws covered by the manufacturer sticker.

Keep removing screws,logic board and brushless motor until get bare metal of the Drive

Step 2: Prepare Cables

Take a power cable from PATA to 2xSATA and a single SATA power cable with peeled ends.

Cut off PATA socket and glue it to HDD frame using hot glue or epoxy glue.

Glue 3 SATA power cables to the top of metal frame of the Drive

Step 3: Wiring & Soldering

Cut a little bit of insulation of all cables

Twist togheder all black wires solder them and insulate the connection with heat shrink tubing

Take the 2 way switch and apply same solder to all pads, solder yellow wire from PATA socket to central left terminal of the switch, solder togheder 2 yellow wires and then solder to upper left terminal of swith, solder red wire from PATA socket to central right terminal of the switch, solder togheder 2 red wires and then solder to upper right terminal of swith. (This cablig allow to power 2 drives togheder once the switch is positioned on one ON side).

Solder yellow wire of third SATA connector to lower left terminal of the switch, solder red wire of third SATA connector to lower right terminal of the switch.

Step 4: Glue Last Things and Test

Once everything is soldered according to wiring explained in step 3, see also photos, glue the switch to the metal body of HDD

Take a PC power supply and connect together green and black wire on the 20/24 pin molex connector, the PSU should turn on.

Connect to power the assembled "DIY Dual Boot Drive" and check with a voltmeter the voltages and properly commutation properties of switch.

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I do not see any sense of this because BIOS can choose from which drive to start the operating system. I also do not see why the hard drive case is needed. This is not a dual-boot system, but just a switching power supply that is a very bad idea. This stop and run will quickly damage the hard drives themselves. There are also small programs that can be used to switch between 2 or more operating systems without the need for such things. Moreover, this is not a PATA cable, but molex cable. The PATA cable is for data only except for laptops. There they do both.


    3 years ago

    Very interesting idea! How long did this take you to make?


    Reply 3 years ago

    it took an hour to build every thing
    worst part was removing all screws, when screw driver fails i used drill press