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These cute earrings are so easy to make and fun too.

Follow this simple steps and make some beautiful earrings for yourself.

This would be a great gift option too for your loved one :).. I hope you will like it.. Thanks.

Step 1: Things Needed

Duct Tape

16 - 18 copper gauge wire

Jewelry Pliers

2 Big Beads

2 Jump ring

2 Earring hooks

Scissor and Ruler

Step 2: Duct Tape & Bead

Take a beautiful patterned Duct tape. I got this one at Dollar store for 1.25 CAD

Measure 6 inch long of duct tape and cut it.

Now make a fold at the middle. So, you have now 3 inch long duct tape.

Leave half an inch at one end and start cutting fringes from other end.

Once you finished cutting fringes, now roll it up tightly from one end to another end.

Take your copper wire and rolled duct tape. Start wrapping the duct tape tightly with copper wire ( I wrapped it thrice, you can do 3 or 5 times. but do it tightly). Bring copper wire to top center of the duct tape to add bead.

Add bead to copper wire and cut extra wire with jewelry cutter.

Make a loop using round nose pliers to secure the bead.

Now repeat the procedure to make another one.

Step 3: Duct Tape Earring

Take duct tape pendant , jump ring and earring hook.

Attach jump ring on earring hook and connect to the pendant using jewelry pliers.

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