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Hi everyone

Today's project is electric screwdriver which is made using recycled materials

So lets get started..........

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Step 1: Materials Required....

The materials Required includes the following :-

Old circular rotating bulb (i used old diwali lamp) we will take out geared dc motor from this
Old screwdriver
And paper roll
A DPDT Switch
Old glue box
Some wires and a 12v adapter.....

Step 2: Making...

Now comes the making part

You need to first cut paper roll such that they could join and seems to be a gun thereafter you need to make a space for dpdt switch so that you can control the direction of rotation in order to screw or unscrew the bolts.....

Next stick the motor to the front part of roll using superglue and cellotape

Now you need to solder everything and add a dc jack i was confused where to add so i sticked it into a old gluebox and placed it down in my handle ....

Now just plug a 12v powersupply and its done!!

Step 3: Success...

Now its complete now you can use it as a normal screwdriver it also have a very serious toque which makes easier while opening big screws....

Hope you enjoyed...

Share if you made your own....

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