DIY Easy Adjustable Rainbow Loom

Introduction: DIY Easy Adjustable Rainbow Loom

Having trouble with using your Rainbow Loom for making bracelets like the fishtail? I know I do, so I made a working alternative loom that i can adjust as I want! And even better, this one has a storage space!

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Step 1: Get What You Need!

You're going to need two things:

Push pins

A small cardboard box that uses cardboard (believe me, theres several different types of cardboard) typically used for shipping items from online places like Amazon (which is where I got mine)

Step 2: Assemble As Needed!

Now you take however pins you need and poke it into the top of the box (or sides or bottom, eventually itll be full of holes lol)!

The best part about it is that you can reuse the holes as needed! Also, storage space for bands and clips and things! Now I (and you of course) can stop losing those clips. Nothing annoys me more than losing those clear C and S clips. When you're done using it, just pull out the pins and stick them in the box!

Have fun!

Now as abit of an afterward, I used to use another DIY Loom I made using popsicle sticks and leftover cardboard from moving. Now if you wanna see that! Ask! Comment!

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    This is a really cool alternative to a rainbow loom, definitely a cheaper alternative. Thanks for sharing!