DIY Easy Bird Feeder - Best Out of Waste

Introduction: DIY Easy Bird Feeder - Best Out of Waste

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Hello Friends..

This is monsoon time, and I feel, we can really help the birds by feeding them during this time.. As we all know, monsoon is tough time to find food for Birds.

I have few birds, those are not kept in a prison, they are free but daily knock my window and looking for food.

I made a cute gift for them, A Bird-Feeder.

So today, we will make a bird feeder using empty plastic bottle. Lets gets start now :)

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Step 1:

What We need ???

1) Empty Plastic Water bottle

2) One Old CD ,

3) scissor

4) Stones

5) Acrylic colours and Paint brushes

6) Glue Gun

7) Rope for hanging

Step 2: Cut a Door and Colour the Bottle

I Cut a little door from where the grains will come out for birds. And we fill the bottle with grains through the bottle cap.

Next, colour the botle with white acrylic paint and then I use a shade of yellow > Orange > Red

Kindly refer Picture for colouring.

Step 3: Finish With Brick Design

After colouring, let it dry completely. and then, I made brick design with black acrylic colour and zero size paint brush.

Now Stick the bottle on a old CD, refer the pictures.

Step 4: Make a Boundary

Now, We need to secure the boundary, so that the grains should not fall from feeder..

I made boundary using Stones to give a natural looks and stick them with glue-gun.

Step 5: Complete the Project

Now complete the project by securing the boundary.

Fill some grains through bottle cap.

hang it just outside of your window / flowerbed or garden or anywhere, where your birds are waiting for food..

I personally request to all, to help the birds during monsoon, with this EASY DIY BIRD-FEEDER. Its really easy to make..

Enjoy and have good day..

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    What material do you use to hang the bird feeder?


    Answer 1 year ago

    Its kind of rope.