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Introduction: DIY Easy Dog Chew Toy

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Hey guys, welcome to this DIY instructable on making an easy chew toy for your dog. Please vote for me in the Dog contest on this website, thank you.

This is the easiest chew toy you can ever make for your dog and you can make as much as you want for free or at very low cost. The idea for this toy was generated from observations made on my dog. We all know how dogs love to chew on our shoes when we leave it out the door, so why not make something around that.

Why make a dog chew toy ?

1. Provide Dental Benefits: Chewing on chew bones is good for your dog's teeth. Chewing on dog chew bones or hard toys helps scrape away plaque, which can cause bad breath and a number of potentially serious dental problems. The action of the bone against the teeth scrapes away plaque and controls tartar buildup.

2. Relieve Boredom: Not unlike humans, dogs that do not have anything to do get bored. A chew bone will entertain your dog for hours and keep his mind stimulated, which is good for dogs of all ages, especially older dogs that are not as active. Just remember, your house gets pretty dull when you are not there all day. Satisfy the Urge to Chew.

3. For teething puppies: chewing on a chew bone or chew toy helps stimulate the growth of adult teeth.

4. Consider size, shape, hardness, and flavor. Size: Some pets are very particular about the size of the chew bone you give them. Too big and they will not touch it, even though they will chew for hours on a smaller bone. Generally speaking, smaller dogs prefer smaller bones, but the reverse is not always true. Many bigger dogs ignore big bones, leading owners to believe, incorrectly, that bones do not interest them.

5. Hardness and Texture: In addition to size, the consistency of the bone you give your dog is another factor to consider. Aggressive chewers can chew down a good size bone in a surprisingly short time.

6. Flavor: Finally, the flavor is very important to some dogs. Certain dogs like peanut butter-flavored bones while others like theirs hickory-smoked. Again, try various types to see which ones your dog enjoys. Remember, almost all dogs like to chew. Oftentimes, the trick is finding the right size, consistency, and flavor your pet wants. Try to find a few types your dog enjoys. When he loses interest in the one he is working on, switch to the other. This will keep your dog chewing, which we all know is great for helping remove plaque and relieving boredom.

Lets move onto the next step.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

This is very simple DIY and all you need are as follows:

1. An old rubber or leather sandal or shoe base (i used an old slip on )

2. A pair of scissors or cutter

3. Permanent marker

4. Flavors (you can use peanut butter, tin meat etc) - (I used peanut butter)

5. A dog

6. A needle and a syringe (optional)

The shoe should be soft enough to be cut with scissors or cutter and clean. The flavor is to get your dog to start chewing on the toy and getting used to it.

Step 2: Marking Your Chew Toy

Use your permanent marker to draw the shape of a bone on the flat surface of the shoe or any other shape you prefer. Taking into consideration the size and shape that suits your dogs preference. This can be tested by cutting different sizes of rectangle rubber pieces and letting your dog decide on the size.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Toy

Once you have marked out your toy shape, it time to cut it using the scissors or cutter. Be safe and do not cut yourself. Take the piece and smooth out the edges to make a good looking toy.

Step 4: Finishing Off

Now that you have your cut out chew toy, you need to get your dog to be interested in it.

Spread a thin layer of your flavor on the toy and hand it out to your dog. Your dog will thank you for this amazing chew toy.

Optional : I got my hands on medical needle and syringe which i used to infuse my flavor into the rubber toy which made my dog really chew on that toy. He loved it. Its simple, fill the syringe with your flavor and inject the toy with it all around it.

Thank you for your time. Have fun making this and do post pictures of your toys. Vinaka.

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