DIY Easy Fire Logs




Introduction: DIY Easy Fire Logs

This is an idea how to get rid of your junk mail and unwanted paper, and made to good use, such as heating your home.

Step 1: What You Need:

Before we start I need to say that there are other types of fire logs you can do at home, you can watch several videos on the net, and how to do them. I have tried the one where you shred all the paper and make it into a paste and leave to dry. A good and efficient way to do the fire logs. This idea works fine but consume much time and work to make them, especially that they have to be done in the dry summer months as they need to dry well before they can be used.... So I found a shorter and much faster way to get almost the same result and can be done in any season.

Step 2: How It Is Done:

So you get all the junk mail or any paper you do not need, (I found a stack of old invoices which we had stored, and we needed to dispose of them, this is where I got this idea).

So roll the paper tight as the first three images, and get the wire and turn around the tight roll of paper to hold the roll. It is very easy. You will need the pliers to cut and twist the wire. Wire must not be to thin and not to thick. This is a common wire you can purchase from you local hardware store. The one I got is about 1 mm in thickness. There is no rule about the thickness or materiel as long it can to the job. Do not use string or any burnable materiel as it will be the first to burn and the roll will open and burn quick. So as you can see in my last image, I made quite a few of these logs and are ready to burn.

Step 3: All Prepared to Light Your Fire:

When lighting your fire do not start with the rolls you made, as they are very difficult to start. You need to start the fire with normal small pieces of wood. I found that small cut pieces of pallet wood is best for this , but any twigs or what you have, to get the fire going. I found that the best way to use these fire logs is to have a strong fire, and these logs you made will then burn long, and heat up strong. I was quite amassed at the heat they can produce. I suggest to throw one home made log, one at a time with some other wood. Please note you always need wood to help, and it very much depends how you control the airflow in your stove or fireplace.

Also note that these home made logs produce quite an amount of ash, compared to wood, or the other type of home made paste fire logs.

I do not have a fireplace and cannot test them out, but basically it should be the same.

Thank you and enjoy your fire.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I do this with all my bank statements and bills. It seems like a better use that just shredding them.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Before or after paying them? ;)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Well as you wish, before or after they still burn...good one..