DIY Easy Mobile Macro




Hello everyone!

In this instructable I will show you how to make a really cheap and easy assembly to take beautiful macro photos (or videos) with your camera equipped mobile phone. I'm sure there are some instructables about this subject, but I hope this is one of the easiest way to achieve this.

Here is a video if something isn't clear:

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Of course you will need a mobile phone with camera

2. Lens from some high power LED flashlight, or you can order them from the internet, they are very cheap:


3. Rubber band / insulating tape / two sided tape

Step 2: Assembling

First thing you need is the lens, usually you can unscrew or pop the lens holding cap on the flashlight as you can see on picture one. Now, my favourite method is the one using the rubber band. You probably just want to take some macro pics from time to time, and you can easily assemble your setup on the go with this method with no sticky mess. :)

You can also use two small strips of two sided tape or insulating tape as you can see on the pictures along with the rubber band type. Be careful to center the lens with your camera hole!

Step 3: Enjoy the Results! :)

You are ready to take some amazing macro photos or videos with your mobile phone! :)

Thank you for reading my instructable!



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