DIY Easy Origami: How to Make Origami Paper Unit Flower

Introduction: DIY Easy Origami: How to Make Origami Paper Unit Flower

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AdoreDIY Easy Origami Crafts? Then yet again, I bring anothersuper easy step by step tutorial on how to make Origami Paper Unit Flowerthat you can easily make with the help of some colored papers. This easy origami Paper Unit Flower is an Origami masterpiece because not only does it teach you a variety of paper folding techniques but also teach you how to make paper units and join them together to make a pretty paper flower.

Origami Paper Flower is an easy paper craft idea that can be used for making School projects for Kids and also for home decoration and a lively wall decor idea too. Watch the tutorial and have fun.

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Step 1: Material Required

The charm and special appeal about Origami Crafts is that you need the least amount of craft supplies. The material required to make the Easy Origami Paper Unit Flower:

A4 Size color paper





Decorative Stone


Step 2: Let's Start

Take the A4 Size Paper and Fold it in three equal parts.

Cut the three sections and divide them in to squares.

Step 3: Prepare the Paper

Cut out the Orange and Green Square Papers in to equal sized paper squares.

We need 7 in orange and 7 in Green color.

Fold each paper in the shown way to form 2 diagonal and 2 bisecting creases.

Step 4: Fold the Paper

Step 5: Arrangement of Paper Units

Once you have made a single paper unit, repeat the entire process to make the other paper units with the remaining paper squares.

Paste two green color units on the top corners of the orange paper unit.

Step 6: Just There!

Continue to join the paper units, till you get a proper Flower arrangement.

Arrange the paper units together to make an Easy Origami Flower and decorate the flower by pasting pearls on the petals and a decorative pearl in the center.

Step 7: Your Craft Is Ready!

And before you even realize, the Easy Origami Paper Unit Flower is absolutely ready in front of you. Doesn't it look amazing? This pretty Origami Flower can be the masterpiece of any living room decor project and can add an extraordinary look to your home.Who knew Origami Art could be made to look so interesting.

Waste no time and get on to making the Easy Origami Paper Flower with the help of a tutorial with instructions.

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