DIY Easy Paper Craft: How to Make a Pretty Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

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Instructables always pushes my creativity to new levels and this time I bring a simple DIY Easy Paper Craft on How to Make a Pretty Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet. For all my home decor and home improvement lovers, this simple and pretty Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet, is made just to add to your Best DIY Home Decor Projects. From gift wrapping to kid's school projects to home decoration idea you can use this simple and easy DIY paper craft to indulge your leisure time creatively.

Click ahead and take a look at the step by step procedure of making this simple crepe paper Flower

Step 1: Material Required to Make Pretty Crepe Paper Flowers

To make crepe paper flowers you need to get a very few basic craft essentials handy in your craft kit:

Colored Crepe Paper Sheets




Crafty glue

Craft wire


Green tape

Step 2: Make the Petals for the Flower!

Making the petals is very simple.

Simply cut a yellow crepe paper in dimensions 15*4 cm. Take the center of the strip of paper and twist in half from the center placing one half under the other.

Shape it with your fingers to make a petal.

Make multiple such petals in Yellow Color

Change the dimension to 16*5 cm of the stencil and make petals in the same way using Pink Color Crepe Paper.

Step 3: Make the Flower

Fasten the petals together and arrange them to make a flower.

Tie the petals in the base of the flower, together with a thread.

Attach and arrange the pink petals around the yellow flower and tie it with a thread too, in the base.

Add another layer of flower by taking a stencil measuring 25*5 cm in pink color crepe paper.

Making a similar flower add it as the third and the final layer in the flower.

Step 4: Buds and Leaves!

Cut out leaves from the green crepe paper.

Cut out pink squares from the colored crepe sheet. Wrap cotton and craft wire in the pink crepe paper. Attach leaves and tie with a thread.

Attach the branch to the the long green tape covered craft wire.

Step 5: Your Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet.

So grab a few basic craft essentials, that are absolutely must to make this super easy and amazing Crepe paper Flower Bouquet that will add the much needed color to enliven your living room. Do not forget to make this Easy Paper Craft as a part of your best DIY Project Idea.



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