DIY Easy Statement Necklace Jewelry Tutorial by Eyes of Style



I created this simple and luxurious statement necklace in about 20 minutes with some simple supplies and basic beading skills! Come learn how I made it over at Eyes Of Style!

Step 1:

Place crimp bead on wire, loop end through crimp bead, and squeeze the crimp bead with your pliers.

Step 2: Open a jump ring with your pliers, place on wire loop that you just made, and close the jump ring with your pliers.

Step 3: String your beads onto your beading wire, making your end cap bead the last bead. Then place a crimp bead on the end of your wire, and close. Do not make a loop at this end.

Step 4: Place a clasp on your chain by opening a jump ring, looping it through the clasp, and the chain, then closing the jump ring. Then attach the middle of the chain to the jump ring on your beaded strand.



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