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Introduction: DIY Easy Wooden Pencil Case

This instructable will be about How to make a very simple and easy wooden pencil case. The materials that you are going to be needing for the creation of your pencil case will be very simple to obtain and you maybe even have them at home. You will need:

-wood (the measurements will be described during the process of creation)

-wood glue (there are a lot of different types of wood glue, I will use PVA glue but you can also use other glues... just make sure that they are wood glue)

-magnets or velcro or press buttons (something that you can use to open and close your pencil case easily)

-leather or cloth or felt (the measurements will be described during the process of creation)

Then you will need tools for cutting the different pieces of wood and for shaping them. I will use:

-Scroll saw (to cut the wood)

-Disc sander or sand paper (so that your pieces of wood can have straight lines and the construction is easier to make and more accurate)

Remember that you can use the tools that are easier for you, I am using this tools because they are the best tools available for me but if you have better tools that work for the same things then please use them.

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Step 1: Cutting ALL the Different Pieces of Wood

For the first step will be only be cutting the wood... all the pieces of wood that will be necessary to create the super easy and very useful wooden pencil case. The measurements are in the picture above, but, just in case that you can't understand (because of my terrible handwriting and drawing skills) then they will also be written below

The wood that I will be using has a thickness of 0.5cm and it doesn't matter what type of wood it is if it has a thickness of 0.5cm.

1.- Length 8cm and height 4cm (bottom part of the pencil case)

2.-Length 19cm and height 3cm (you will need to create two of this parts because this will be the sides of the pencil case)

3.-Length 16cm and height 7.5cm (front part of the pencil case)

4.-Length 19cm and height 7.5cm (part from the back of the pencil case)

When you are done cutting all of them, you will need to give the 19cm x 3cm (the sides) a round curve on the top (see pictures if you don't understand)

It is important to mention that you will need another piece of wood (if you use leather instead of cloth), I am not saying the measurements because we won't need it for now.. just so you know :)

Message for the people that are trying to make their super easy wooden pencil case but don't know how to use the machines for cutting the wood!!!-------------> I would recommend you to get help from someone who has experience or at least knows how to use the different machines and tools.

Step 2: Putting the Pieces of Wood Together

In this step you will start to construct your pencil case. For this step you will attach all the pieces of wood (that you already cut) together. We will be needing wood glue for attaching the different pieces of wood together. Its important not to use to much glue but also not to little, this could affect the final design of your pencil case. First you should glue the sides to the part of the back of the pencil case. Then put the front part on top. To finish, glue the bottom part at the bottom of the pieces of wood (if you need help just follow the images above).

Step 3: The Leather or Cloth Measuremets

For the design of the leather or cloth part you will need a piece of leather of 17.5 cm of height and 7.5 cm of length, the thickness will determine if you add the extra piece of wood, if its thickness is more that 3.5mm then you need the extra piece of wood.

You will count from the top of the back wooden part 8 cm and then go all the way to the wooden front part with the other 11.5 cm, write a very small mark to know until were you should stop (I know this is can be very confusing so please use the images, they will guide you and make your life easier). It's important that you don't glue the leather (cloth) yet.

Step 4: Last Piece of Wood (only Do This Step If the Thickness of Your Piece of Leather or Cloth Is +3.5mm)

This is one of the last steps and also one of the most simple steps . Remember that I said that we were going to need an extra piece of wood? If you don't then it doesn't matter. Anyway for this step you will just need to cut the last piece of wood and obviously to glue it on your pencil case, it's actually very very very simple. The only thing that you need to do is to mark on a separate piece of woof a rectangle with the following measurements:

11cm high and 7.5cm length.

When you have the piece of wood already drawn on the wood, just cut it out. Now that you have it also cut it out you just need to paste it in the part of the back of your pencil case and in the place were you have your leather (cloth) mark but below (use images as a reference).

Step 5: Leather or Cloth Gluing

You will paste the piece of leather (just the back part) and you will see that your pencil case is one step to be completed... hahaha the simplest step.

Step 6: To Make Your Pencil Case Close

This is the last step... unless you want to make any decorations. This is the second simplest step of all, you will need something that you can use to close your pencil case, for example magnets, velcro or press buttons (the ones you use for clothing). I am just giving you an idea of which material you could use, I think that the materials that I mentioned are the one that are the cheapest and the most easy to find.

After you decide which material to use, you would have to paste it into the piece of leather (cloth) and into the piece of wood. It shouldn't be very difficult, you just calculate and paste. If you are having trouble with choosing the material, I think that velcro is the best of all, because remember that you are only pasting the things into the piece of leather (cloth) and the piece of wood. If the magnet is to strong, one of the magnets will pull the other to hard and it might pull it out of the pencil case. The same might happen with the press buttons (use images if you need help).

Step 7: Now You Are Done

Congratulations, you are done with your super easy DIY wooden pencil case. If you had any trouble while making the pencil case please write in comments so I can edit my work, improve it, and make it better. I hope that you liked the process of creation and that it was easy to crate. By the way, I am not very good at decorating, but if you want to add something to your pencil case just do it.

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    That's a neat storage solution, mine used to get broken often so something like this would be helpful :)