DIY Eco-Vase ( Simple)

Introduction: DIY Eco-Vase ( Simple)

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This is a very simple tutorial how I make my DIY Vase.
I love flowers so much , but  it is very hard or we can say rarely have the time to take care of plants or water them.
Here I am using my used hair spray bottle & it is my favorite color ( Purple )
The steps are simple & so do the materials are easily be found & cheap!

This will be the best Eco-Friendly project you can do ! =)

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare the materials:
1.Glue / UHU Gum ( If you are about to use them ) * But I do not use them for my decorations.
2.Used Bottle.
3.Fake Flowers ( You can easily buy from flowers shop - I had bought roses =D ) 
4.A pair of scissors .
5.Felt ( If you want to decorate it )
6.My tool box * contains YHB crystals , macaroons 
7.My DIY Flower Ribbon bracelet / Flower Ribbon * Will be a tutorial soon!
8.Double Sided Tape

*Basically you can use any of decorations you want!  I am using the simple ones =)

Step 2: Cut the Roses

Cut the roses according to the height of the bottle 
**Make sure it is not to long when you put into the bottle

Step 3: -Example-

Put little buds if you have , it is so cute & adorable! 

Step 4: Double Sided Tape

Prepare double sided tape for decorations . ( you can use small items for decorations instead of big ) 

Step 5: Round the Double Sided Tape & Decorate

I don't know how to explain this method but i called it round the bottle method.
Where you use the double sided tape & tape it around the bottle ( I made a cross section if you noticed )

You can view it in other pictures =>

I had decorated it with YHB Crystals!
-Right round right round- xD

Step 6: Tie a Ribbon

And lastly , i used my handmade DIY Flower Ribbon Bracelet * , you can tie a ribbon on it to cover the bottle lips. ^^

Step 7: Finals

Tah Dah- This is the final product !
I place it beside my dad's birthday card ( Mini card with Buttons )
* I will also make a tutorial for this soon!

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