DIY Edible Playdough


This video shows you how to make play dough at home. All materials we used is edible, it is absolutely safe for kids.

Things we will need:

500ml (2 cups) very hot water

500ml (2 cups) flour

250ml (1 cup) salt

10ml (2 teaspoons) cooking oil

20ml (4 teaspoons) cream of tartar (optional)

Food coloring


1.Add 500ml flour

2.Add 250ml salt

3.Add 20ml cream of tartar

4.Add 500ml very hot water

5.Mix it together (it will take quite long time)

6.Add 10ml cooking oil

7.If the playdough is still too sticky, cook it for 1-2 minute

8.Divide the playdough into several small dough

9.Add food coloring into the dough

10.Knead the dough with hands

11.You can shape the playdough using different mould now


1.Table salt should be used instead of coarse salt, otherwise, the texture of the playdough is not good enough 2.Cream of tartar is to increase the elasticity of the playdough .

3.If the playdough is too dry, add more cooking oil to the playdough.

4.If the playdough is too sticky, cook it a little bit longer 5.The playdough can be kept for at least several months if stored in a closed container.

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