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Introduction: DIY Egg Shell Mood Lamp

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Few months ago, I purchased a big tray of eggs and kept it inside my refrigerator. Today, accidentally I saw the expiry date, it was already over. First I thought to throw those eggs, then the idea to make this color changing mood lamp came in to my mind. It took me around one hour to complete.

Making of this lamp is very simple, anyone with some basic soldering skill can make it.There is no need of any microcontroller or programming skill.

The Lamp is rechargeable, so you don’t have need to replace the battery. You can use a USB phone charger to charge it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Used

Materials :

1. Egg

2. Color Changing LED ( eBay )

3. 18650 Battery ( Amazon )

4. TP4056 Charging Board ( Amazon )

5. 100 Ohm Resistor ( Amazon )

6. Rocker Switch ( Amazon )

7. Wires

8. Heat Shrink Tube ( Banggood )

9. Cardboard Box

10. Bottle Cap

11.Spray Paint ( Amazon )

Tools :

1. Wire Cutter / Stripper ( Amazon )

2. Soldering Iron ( Amazon )

3. Hot Glue Gun ( Amazon )

4. Dremel Rotary Tool ( Amazon )

4. File

Step 2: Poke a Hole

Poke a hole at one tip of the egg.Use a sharp object ( big needle ) to do it.

Hit the sharp object, very gently, otherwise the egg will break.

After making the small hole, just widen it around.

The size should be sufficient for draining the protein and yolk.

Step 3: Draining the Internal Materials

You can drain the protein very easily,but draining the yellow yolk need some trick.

Steer the protein and yolk inside the shell.So that it will form a single thick liquid.

Now slowly drain it.

Step 4: Clean the Shell

After daring the internal liquid,clean the shell thoroughly.

You may use some liquid soap for cleaning.

Using soap is useful, otherwise the egg smell do not leave.

Step 5: Preparing the Base

To make the base of the lamp,I used a small packing box.It came from one of my earlier online buying.

The packing box was really dirty.So I decided to paint it.

I used black spray paint to color the box.

Step 6: Schematics

The schematic is pretty simple.

A li ion charging board ( TP4056 ) is used for charging the 18650 Li Ion battery.

A 100 Ohm resistor is used for limiting the LED current.

Rocker switch is used for making the lamp ON and OFF.

Step 7: Making the Circuit

Solder the battery terminals to the B+ and B- of the charging board.

Solder two piece wire to the Out + and Out-.

Solder the 100 Ohm resistor to the positive terminal of the LED.The longer leg of the LED is positive.

Then solder the rocker switch in series with the resistor.

You may see the above picture for better understanding.

Note : Some versions of TP4056 board do not have Out+ and Out- terminals.In that case just connect them to B+ and B-.

Step 8: Insulate the Conductive Parts

I used heat shrink to insulate the conductive parts.

Insert the heat shrink tube and then apply heat to shrink it.

You may use a hot air blower or a lighter to do it.

I have made a video on " How to use Heat Shrink Tube ", you may watch it.

Step 9: Install the Components

Make two rectangular holes in the packing box by using a sharp knife.One is for installing the switch and other one is for charging board micro USB port opening.

Then glue the battery holder,charging board and switch.

Step 10: Prepare the Eggshell Holder

To hold the Egg shell , I made a holder by using a bottle cap.

Use Dremel to cut the conical portion ( tip ) of the cap.

Then smooth the cutting surface by using a file.

Step 11: Fix the Egg Shell

Make a hole at the center of the cardboard box.

Glue the holder just above the hole.

Insert the LED in to the hole and glue it back side.

Then glue the egg shell just above the holder.

Step 12: Finishing

Insert the battery in to the battery holder.

Close the cardboard box.

Plug in your USB phone charger to charge the battery.

Turn on the toggle Switch.Now the egg will glow with different color with slowly fading.

Enjoy the colors !!!

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    3 years ago

    wow ! its simple and fun.

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    Very nice! Simple in design but beautiful.


    3 years ago


    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Something like this would be a perfect Easter craft project.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yeah you are right :)