DIY Electric Shocker


Introduction: DIY Electric Shocker

About: I like to create things, handmade weapon, arduino projects, science and some crazy staff! Also I like to capturing videos about my projects and I have YouTube channel - MadGyver!

This instructable is about how to make electric shocker with high-voltage booster. I made it inside PVC tube like classic DIY style. This handmade shocker can't make serious harm, but it hurts =)

Easy and cheap to make, this electric shocker can fright off some dogs, and also you can enjoy with teasing yourself, like I do in the video =) Below you can find all components to make electric shocker by yourself.

► Components

✓ Booster 1000 kV

✓ Batteries

✓ Holder

✓ Switch

✓ Button

✓ Button

Also you can watch all process of making this shocker in this video!

Step 1: Drilling Holes

Use cone drill to make holes for button and switch

Step 2: Connecting Wires

Connect batteries to HV module like on the photo

Step 3: Electrodes

Make electrodes from screws. Connect them, fix on the bottle's cap, fill entire space of shocker with hot glue or silicone seal, then fix cap on the body of shocker.

Step 4: Decoration

Use insulation tape to make your shockker look like bee, and add some rope to handle.

Step 5: Putting Batteries

Shove holder inside the cap. Then insert cap inside the tube - shocker's body.

Step 6: Adding Spark Gap

Use thick wire to make some spark gap between electrodes


Oh yeah, it hurts! You can watch the video, I tease myself few times =)

Good Luck!



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2 Discussions

How painful is it?

Саня, давай сюда(в instructables) видео с хронометром, пусть народ порадуется :)