DIY Electric Skateboard With Lights


Introduction: DIY Electric Skateboard With Lights

How to: Build an Electric Skateboard

Step 1: Youtube DIY Project

Comment any questions here or even better on Youtube and I will always answer



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    What motor/gear/ratio/battery cell count did you use to get to 34mph? Was it on level ground or down a grade?

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    The torque is about as much as you need. It can do much small hills, but has problems with steeper ones. It can definitely do a highway overpass

    I used a turnigy 5055 320kv brushless outrunner motor, not sure what the gear ratio is off the top of my head but you can find the gear and pulley from the mechanical list of the video and calculate it, I used 2 11.1v 3s batteries in series so it's 6s and it was on level ground.

    what is the torque like with the 320kv motor? How dose it handle hills?

    Can It go over a highway overpass?

    Well done!
    Dose the height of the board affect your balance? It seems a bit precarious. Of course that's just me...

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    It does. Speed wobbles are a huge problem as the board gets going to pretty extreme speeds. A few days ago I actually got up to 34mph. I currently have 1/2inch spacing between the trucks and deck and my trucks are very tight.


    34mph! I can only imagine. I got mine up to 19mph with very little speed wobbles (If any)

    Spacers don't help with speed wobbles (That I know of) I would think that having less space between your feet and the ground would lower your center of gravity, making the board much easier to ride at high speeds.

    Truck tightening is a win/loss. You cant turn quite as tight with tighter trucks, yet with looser trucks you get more speed wobbles. What would be awesome if there was such thing as an auto-tightening truck, or a remote tightening truck where you can 'set' the tightness of your truck via remote. Or a simpler way would be a wrench-less way to tighten your trucks, with like a slider or something.

    Either that our you just make the trucks mid tight and hope you dont feel the need to go 34mph Impossible for us guys XD)

    Actually, what if one had tighter trucks, but wider deck. With a wider deck you could probably get more side to side leaning leverage, and therefore be able to put more of a turn on your trucks, even if they are really tight.

    Ill have to toy with that Idea :o

    Anyway, Wear a helmet! Don't fall! Keep cool and have fun bro!

    This looks so cool! I love the green glowing effect!