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It is a two-seater small electric e-kart vehicle assisted with a solar panel.

It has been basically a platform for experimenting with four-wheel vehicle, dual motor direct drive, solar installation, steel welding techniques and generally a higher voltage system than usual.

It is built from a very strong steel base that was part of a pedal go-kart acquired in Germany, that was missing some pieces in the front. The base has been modified to accommodate two front hubs and also to fit the entire desired dimensions.

The electrical system contains:

- Twin 10Kv direct drive front hub motors working with a maximum continuous output of 1500W each one, laced into 16" rims (a lacing nightmare) and mounted on 16" steel forks.

- 1500W twin controllers, each one feeding each hub and within connections in parallel to respond identical to commands.

- Li-ion NCA Battery 72V 29Ah (2kWh) specially designed with a BMS capable of delivering 40A continuous (3360W max)*

- Two 72VDC to 12VDC converters and one 12VDC to 5VDC converter.

- 6 fuses Box to protect each controller independently, each converter, an output for connecting a 72VDC to 240VAC inverter and a sixth 72VDC output free for use.

- The steering wheel incorporates a display with speedometer, mileage, battery level, voltage and outside temperature.

- Two digital thermometers with probes connected to each axis of each hub.

- Graphic wattmeter with consumption curves.

- Accelerator.

- Button for regenerative braking, high level brake and reverse.

- A rear view screen (rear camera).

- The instrument panel includes a push button that activates side lights, short lights and long lights, charging port (12V), two USB ports, voltmeter (converter) and each device installed on the steering wheel.

- A 60W solar panel with 14 protected solar cells connected in series to form a voltage of 98Voc and 84Vmp, ideal for charging a lithium ion battery 72V (84Vmax). A solar controller connected to it and the battery, which regulates and indicates the accumulated charge (Ah), instantaneous amperage, solar panel voltage, battery voltage and other values. Also with a USB charging port.

- All LED lighting are 12VDC and are powered by converters.In terms of performance:

- It has a mixed range of up to 200km(+5km per hour of sun) at 35Km/h, an average consumption close to 10W/km thanks to a low profile, not any train losses except bearings and induction motor, 16" wheels that make the hubs operate very efficiently, thoroughly battery built to maximize efficiency and overall 72V system help to minimizing energy losses.

- Maximum speed of 50 km/h in normal mode. ~ 65Km/h in 120% mode (with an extremely high amps draining).

- Regenerative braking works like a wall, it's configured into the controllers (Greentime) to do it right at 72V (84Vmax) and "high level brake" that stops completely the wheels. There is also a mechanical brake lever braking the rear wheels, and mechanical brakes V-brakes available on the front forks.

Ask any cuestion you have.

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Awesome! I'd love to see it with:

    1) optional "pedal powered" generators as an addition so you could augment the range/ speed.

    2) A solar cell awning. Just a flat roof of solar panels.

    some tunes. An iPod with a wireless speaker would do.


    i like this but this project is a big project.but if any one wanted to do this it must be in the step by step i hope u ill make this and send it again hope u will.............


    3 years ago

    its a huge amount of power for a small vehicle.. Im going for a more balanced power vs solar combo, cool project anyways :)


    3 years ago

    ask any question aaaaaaand... nothing happens ;)


    3 years ago

    Nice vehicle and nice video. What manufacturer and model number were the hub motors?


    3 years ago

    can you give me a pdf of this project where we can see a whol designing and structure ....


    3 years ago

    I like the concept. Please show how you built it.