DIY Electromagnet From Rubbish Make It Yourself in a Few Steps

About: I like to get back to the technical roots and try to make things without getting too complicated. Thanks for feedback

Here I show you how to make an electromagnet from rubbish.

Besides a power source you only need 2 things.

Step 1:

What you need:

Power Source ( USB TTL Module 5V OUT)

Ferrous Thing ( Screwdriver)

Copper Coil from Electro Rubbish

- also used but not necessary:


Jumper Wire


Step 2: Unwind Copper Coil Adn Rewind

Unwind copper coil, rewind it on the screwdriver and connect everything as show on schematics.

Step 3: Finish

Now you have a simple electromagnet.

At 5 volts, magnetism is beginning to work noticable.



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey great instructable

    any tips on your favourite Tech items to scavenge parts from? specifically? I'm a poor student and things cost a lot these days, like food.....

    printers? pastas? old computers or microwaves?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    So where to begin and where to end? ...everything that is broken can be used to harvest parts.