DIY Embroidered Four-Leaf Clover Pouch



Introduction: DIY Embroidered Four-Leaf Clover Pouch

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Embroidered felt pouch for holding cards, coins, notes, or even girls' sanitary pads! Feel free to have a try!

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Step 1: Supplies:

Felt (Lime Green & Green & Beige)

6mm Colorful Acrylic Beads, Round, Green

11mm Acrylic Shank Button

Sewing Thread, Green



Step 2: Make Simple Embroidery

1st, cut out a rectangle from beige felt measuring 29*9cm, a rounded rectangle from green felt measuring 8*3.5 cm, a large four-leaf clover shape from green felt and two smaller ones from lime green felt;

2nd, measure 12cm and fold, then fold the excess part as flap. Use your thumb to mark the folds;

3rd, overlap a lime green clover on the green one and lay them on the beige felt at lower left corner of the front side. Running stitch along the edge of the lime green clover;

4th, continue to sew the stem with backward stitch.

Step 3: Sew the Pouch

1st, running stitch the other lime green clover at one side of the rectangular green felt with an acrylic bead in the center;

2nd, sew the rectangular green felt on the flap of the pouch in place;

3rd, sew an acrylic bead at the center of the overlapped clovers. Then blanket stitch two sides of the beige felt along the edge to sew the pouch;

4th, the pouch will look like the following picture.

Step 4: Add Button

1st, sew a shank button at the front side of the pouch in place;

2nd, shear a small opening at the flap for buckling the shank button.

Step 5: Here Is the Finished Pouch:

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