DIY Emergency Bike Fender(s)




Introduction: DIY Emergency Bike Fender(s)

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In the local beer store and outside it starts pouring ? You forgot to install you fenders didn't you ? Heres what I did instead of having a skunk tail on the bike ride to my beer buddies house. (Who wants that on their couch ?=P )

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Step 1: Cardboard Will Travel

These are just stiff enough to stay and keep grime off your rump without needing a knife or tool to fashion for the 2nd wet half of your beer run.  Really ,any box will do .  This UPS box flap is nice cause its glossy on 1 side, giving you a few more minutes of water resistance =).

Step 2: Tear You Off a Piece

rip a strip that will fit in above the tire . Break out the cell phone for difficult scientific calculations and measurements.. Or just eye ball 

Step 3: Put It in Dere

Shiny side down or up depending on how hard its pouring . 

Step 4: For Brakeless

if u ride fixed / brakeless ,this may work too. 

Step 5: Ride on You Crazy Diamond

you've got maybe 40 minutes before these are worm pulp in a hard down pour. 
Get that precious Beer Booty to your buddy's crib ,Pronto . 

Step 6: Enjoy With Dry Friend


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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I was caught out once, and in a hurry so I simply grabbed a cardboard box and hacked out a square around 80 cm per side. I put the end over the seat, sat on it so it curved over, and the back edge of cardboard was about even with the back of the tyre. Worked well enough, the cardboard went into the recycling bin.

    If you have a rear rack its even easier... just put an oversize piece of cardboard flat in the rear rack. Done. My commuter bike has a solid piece of plastic doing this exact function and its been there for ~4 years.

    You don't get a lot of spray off the front wheel when its in straight-ahead line. However one can shove a bit of cardboard between the frame and the gear cables, should they pass down the front angled part of the frame. If you don't have two taught gear wires, then some duct tape will hold some sacrificial cardboard there.

    No need to attach cardboard to the fork.