DIY Energy Saving LED Lamp Kit Installation




Introduction: DIY Energy Saving LED Lamp Kit Installation

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In this project ICStation will show you how to install a useful and funny DIY Energy Saving Lamp Kit 120pcs White LED Lamp Bulb DIY Kit AC 85V-277V E27 Interface! LED energy-saving lamps for its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics, is increasingly widely used. Here we look the details below:

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Step 1: Description About This DIY Energy Saving Lamp

Features are as follows:
1>. Light board with series and parallel structure design, better than the use of pure series structure of the light board, can extend the lamp life.

2>. Power board, light board produced by the military grade A material, the pad can withstand repeated welding and will not fall off.

3>. Selected matching lamp beads using a large chip package, low light (5000 hours 3%), consistency is good.

Circuit principle:
The circuit consists of three parts: buck, rectification and filtering

1>.C1, R1 composition RC capacitor circuit, the 220V AC power required for the circuit required low-voltage alternating current.

2>.D1 - D4 composed of bridge rectifier circuit, the low - voltage alternating current rectifier pulse power.

3>.C2 filter, filter out the pulsating DC clutter, the formation of smooth DC, parallel R3 can effectively improve the effect of balanced voltage.

4>.R2 for the LED lamp beads current limiting resistor, can reduce the surge current on the impact of LED lamp beads.

Step 2: Components for This DIY Energy Saving Lamp Kits

Step 3: Preparation Before the Installation

①soldering iron 30W

②solder stick 0.8mm



⑤diagonal pliers

①Check the quantity and specification of these components

②Check all resistance values with the multimeter

③conform the polarity of the component and the mounting direction on the circuit board in advance

Step 4: Follow the Steps Here and Solder the Components:

1.Welding two resistors

2.Welding 4pcs diodes

3.Welding 1pcs resistance

4.Welding 1pcs capacitor

5.Welding 1pcs capacitor

6.Welding two wires

7.Welding LEDs

8.Connect power board to the light board

9.The power supply board is connected to the lamp cap.

Note: Now you can test whether all LED lights up, if no problem then continue the following steps, or stop to check. Once the lamp cover is installed, it is not easy to take it down, so plz confirm all the LED can light up before Installing the light cover!

Step 5: The Last 3 Steps to Finish This DIY Lamp Installation

10.mounting light plate on the lamp shell fixing column, and melting the fixed column by soldering iron to lock the power board.

11.install the Light board in the lamp shell

12.install the light cover

Finally we get a completed energy-saving lamp for your house or projects! It is really easy and useful DIY practice for electronic beginners. Hope these steps help you and enjoy the soldering with yourself.

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