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Have always been a " figure out how to do it" kind of fellow, never having the right tool or expe...

This is my first instructable, hope to share more.

Wanted to put a flat screen in my office, had three bookcases and thought they would just fit together and make an entertainment center. But - they didn’t! The TV was actually too big to fit between all the pieces with them butted up together. I came up with a way for only $20 bucks to make the TV fit and turn the cases into one Entertainment Center.

Project can also be seen on my website pocketmerlin

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Step 1: Planning

In my head these three cheap pieces would just fit together perfectly, as usual my head was off with the measurements. The TV was just a little too big. I didn't want to blow another $100 minimum on an entertainment center so I spaced out the cabinets as they would need to be to make the TV fit.

Step 2: The Build Up.

I increased the surface of the smaller bookcase by 4 inches adding 2x4’s to the sides and then cutting down a plank to make a top for it.

Step 3: Bridging the Gap.

Then from the same plank of wood I cut out 2 more shelves to tie it all together. Stained it all up using a lighter color than the three original bookcases. I wanted to try and make the different colors blend using a cross between the darker sides and lighter middle.

Step 4: Assembly

Used standard wood screws straight through the side cabinets into the shelves to join everything together. Highly recommend a drill with a level in it and pre-drilling your holes before screwing. This will help eliminate the risk of splitting through the shelf or cabinet.

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