DIY Eraser Stamps




Introduction: DIY Eraser Stamps

In this Instructable you will learn to make stamps out of common erasers.

Step 1: Get Some Erasers

We are using Pink Pearl erasers from Target, but any type will work if it's big enough.

Step 2: Pencil in Your Design

Draw a light sketch on top of the eraser in pencil. This will be the final design you carve. Sketch lightly before you reach your final product, as it is difficult to remove pencil from rubber.

Step 3: Carve the Design

When carving, remember that the design you want should be elevated to do the actual stamping. This might take a while, depending on how intricate the design is. X-Acto knives work well for carving. Make sure to carve an outline around your design and cut everything but the inside of the design out.

Step 4: Paint

Now get out your paint, select whatever colors you like. It helps to have a small brush, to transfer the paint to the elevated part of the stamp with little to no mess.

Step 5: Applying Paint

Using the small brush, lightly dip it into the paint. Carefully paint the top of the stamp, using just enough paint to make it damp. Make sure you use a small amount for a small eraser, or a large amount for a large eraser.

Step 6: Stamping

With the painted side of the stamp facing up, carefully pick up the stamp and firmly press it face down onto a sheet of paper. Try not to move the stamp during this process, as the paint could easily smear. Take the stamp off the paper, and look at your final result.

Step 7: Finished Product

Repeat stamping until you are happy with your product. These are some examples of a finished product. Enjoy!

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