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Last year for Christmas I ordered glasses for my mother and boyfriend.  They turned out to be great!  I had them personalized with etching.  For both it cost about $60.  Which to me was a pretty good deal.  Then this year I was introduced to Pintrest.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a pin of a woman who etched her own glass casserole dish with her last name.  (Her idea was so that she would actually get it back which is a great idea.)  I was going to order some more of personalized from the same website as last year.  Now with Pintrest I'm trying more of DIY things that are actually plausible.  So this weekend I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some etching cream and their special stencils.  So I bought some glasses at Pier 1 to try it out.

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Step 1: Stencil Vs. Stencil/Sticker

I started out with the stencils that Hobby Lobby provided with a glass of my own to try first.  I didn't like it.  They said that they were reusable.  However when I took that glass to the sink to rinse off the etching cream, the stencil basically disintegrated.  So I went through my scrap booking drawer and found these stickers.

Now if you decided to use stickers instead of stencils.  You must first remove the sticker, and it becomes a stencil itself.  Make sure that the sticker is taken cleanly off the stencil background otherwise it will leave tiny marks in the etching.  I like this idea better because there are so many different texts and sizes when it comes to stickers as suppose to stencils.  They are cheaper and if you place the not used sticker on wax or parchment paper you may use the sticker at a later time.  So two for the price of one.  I love it!!!

Step 2: Placement of Sticker

Place the sticker exactly where you'd like.  I used two stickers of the same font and matched them up on equal sides so that it was to be etched on both sides.

Take the sticker outline/stencil on place on clean glass.  Then use a pop-sickle stick and secure the stencil to glass as close as possible.  When I attempted this the first time I didn't quite get it as close and there was some frosting/clouding where I didn’t want it because the cream seeped on the sides.

Step 3: Tools

Here is the etching cream that I purchased along with masking tape that you will need.

Step 4: Applying the Cream

After you've finished secure your stencil apply masking tape surrounding the area, otherwise you will have the clouding that I talked about.  Make sure that you take your stick and keep applying pressure so that it is as secure a possible.  This is very important!!!Then the instruction say to use a craft brush to apply the cream.  I just used an old make-up brush that worked fairly well.  So what ever you prefer.  Your goal is to cover the whole stencil and basically make it disappear.

Like so . . . Then wait one minute, or whatever the specific brand of etching cream provides in the instructions.

Step 5: Almost There

Then with luke-warm water slowly running rinse off the cream.

Step 6: More for Your Money

The other reason why I prefer to use a sticker/stencil is because after it is rinsed and partially wet I reapply the sticker to the wax paper to use later.  If at any type the sticker becomes to dry just apply some heat from a blow-drier to get it sticky again.

Step 7: Finished

Then when the finished product is done you feel so amazing that you've been paying for someone else to do this for you when it takes about 10 minutes.

Of course I haven't tried an actual sentence or more than one letter.  I always feel with projects like this it's good to start out slow and work your way up.  Then once you're comfortable enough you go bigger and better.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It would be cool if you could rotate the images on your PC, then re-upload them, because tipping my head to look at the screen gives me a stiff neck.