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Introduction: DIY Exercise Ball Cover

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While on a mission to have a better ergonomic desk set-up I decided that sitting on my exercise ball would be a great option. It's very comfortable and forces me to have good (almost perfect) posture, however, it's not the most attractive piece of 'furniture' in my office area so I decided to cover it! I chose fabric with a green leafy pattern that made my exercise ball look sort of like a giant moss ball! I also matches my Martini Green wall color! I love it!

Exercise balls are also referred to as: balance balls, yoga balls, birthing balls, stability balls, fitness balls, Swiss balls, pilates balls, etc. They come in a variety of sizes.

Step 1: Pattern

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Step 2: Cut Petals

If you are anything like me I get an idea in my head of something to make and I go straight to the fabric store not knowing how much fabric I need! It's not the best approach, but I never mind having extra fabric laying around my sewing room. I purchased 2 1/2 yards and had plenty left over so I would guess 2 yards would be sufficient. I suggest measuring to make sure if you don't want leftover fabric.

Since this is going to be rolled all over the floor and sat upon everyday I suggest using upholstery fabric. It is durable enough to be the cover and easy enough to work with.

You will also need sturdy thread and a zipper. I bought the longest one I could find in a coordinating color.

Once you have all the necessary items, cut five petals using your pattern. I traced around the fabric and then cut out the patterns.

Step 3: Set Petals Together

Place two petals (right sides facing together) and sew along one edge. Place another petal on one of the un-sewn edges and sew along that edge. Repeat until all five petals are sewn together.

Step 4: Zipper Time!

Sewing a zipper on a curve did not sound like a walk-in-the-park so I decided to make it straight and cut the petal afterwards.

First cut one rectangle about 3-4 inches wider and 1-2 inches longer than the petal pattern. Cut in half.

Measure the width of the zipper and fold (and iron) that same width of one of the rectangles. Pin the zipper right side down (making sure it is centered) to the folded part of the fabric which should be right side down also. Sew along the raw edge of the fabric fold. This will create a flap that will cover the zipper as to not scratch the floor or myself with the zipper.

Make a small fold (1/4 inch or so) on the other rectangle's long side and iron flat. Sew to the other side of the zipper.

Next, sew the two pieces together with the flap as a guide to make sure the zipper line is straight. Sew as close to the zipper as possible making a curved edge when the sewing machine gets too close to the zipper to finish it.

Using the pattern cut one petal lining up the zipper seams with the points of the petal.

Step 5: Finish and Inflate

Sew in the last petal completing the sphere. Deflate the exercise ball and place it in the cover making sure the hole to inflate the ball is lined up with the zipper opening. Inflate!

Voila! You have a perfect exercise ball cover!!

Sit with perfect posture and enjoy! :)



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    Love it but I can not see at all!! Can you make me one and I pay you for it??

    3 replies

    I will make you/sell you one, just email me at


    i can not download all parts of the pattern in pieces

    it only downloads in one small pattern

    what cann i do?


    Is the page not loading correctly? Unfortunately, I don't make and sell these because the balls come in so many different sizes. You can download the instructions. It really isn't hard to make!

    Hi there!

    I would love to make this cover but I want to make sure on the size. Is it possible your ball is 74 CM in diameter, instead of inches?


    1 reply

    Oh my! I just edited the text. The circumference of my ball is 74 inches.

    Thanks for catching that! Please share photos when you are finished! :)

    It's so much better! What a great idea!