DIY Exhaust Pipe Leak Repair




Introduction: DIY Exhaust Pipe Leak Repair

Here is a DIY Hack for when you have a leak in your exhaust system. You can also use this for a muffler leak repair, but you have to connect together pipe clamps to make it work. Its easier to watch the video than explain here, but this is an interim repair until you can save up the $ to get the exhaust system repaired.

I used roof flashing to wrap around the leaking exhaust pipe, some people use soda can, which works, but soda cans are made out of thin aluminum which doesn't hold up well to hot exhaust.

Be careful when jacking up a car, use jackstands, not the car jack to hold the car up while working underneath it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The classic patch is to use a steel soup can. But I've noticed that once your muffler pipes are in such a state where you are starting to spring leaks it is just time for new exhaust. Either that or you'll just be patching things together until you do replace your shot exhaust system.

    I finally got sick and tired of doing exhaust work myself so I built a solid stainless steel exhaust system. Sure stainless costs a bit more, but it lasts a lot longer.